The company

GamersMedia comes through the creation of hard and enthusiast work that made several amateur events and tournaments. Our real birthday goes back several years , however, it was at the end of 2015 that we acknowledge the right name to assign to our brand. Especially because we were now producing one of the largest national League Of Legends events, that was held on the Lisbon Games Week, in a service for Asus. As a entrepreneurial group, we’re fully dedicate to our commitments and responsibilities assumed with our clients.

Filipe Caetano

Economics Degree


In my teenage years I was part of a project called “iGameMedia”. Our work was based on publishing outstanding gameplay of esports players or teams playing “Counter-Strike” (2003-2005).
We only wanted experience but since we were very young the project did not last.
So I started to play mainly Counter-Strike and that was a bit outshine by my studies, making my prioritize on completing the High School.

Mid term of my university on economics degree, the game “League of Legends” starts to have a more serious interested in me, so much that in 2013, I manage to became a professional esports player. It was a great experience to be part of such great team. We wanted to be the team to fear and took several 1st places that made us be considered the best team on our country.

With few time to reconcile the team training and university, I had to move away from the competitive world as a player. Fortunately, in 2014 and 2015, I had a chance to take advantage of all my League of Legends knowledge and convert it to the audience,as a esports analyst and commentator.

Since my little teenager project,in 2003, I never stopped looking to to learn more about video editing, image design, and even webdesign. The internet help me self-taugh and aquire alot of knowledge and know-how. At the end of 2015, an opportunity to co-organize and produce a live tournament in “Lisbon Games Week”, results in the creation of “Gamersmedia”.


  • Business Intelligence
  • Gaming Production (Tournaments,Events)
  • HTML5, CSS programming languages
  • Audiovisual and digital media
  • As an esports professional player and analyst
  • Know-how on Livestreaming

GAMERSMEDIA  @ 2016   -   Alojado por WAAC